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  1. Move the mouse cursor over a section of coastline that you are interested in viewing
  2. Once the desired coastal area is highlighted, click the left mouse button to open an Adobe® PDF file containing a map of the area of interest
  3. If the PDF file does not open in a new browser window, simply right-click on the desired coastal area and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" (depending on browser) to save the PDF file to your computer

Having problems viewing the maps?
- Don't have Adobe® Acrobat Reader®? Follow the link on the About page of this Web siteto download the free software
- You may be required to change your browser's security settings to view the interactive images on this page
- If your browser does not support interactive images and you are unable to view the PDF files, please visit the Map List page, which provides a link to each map without the use of interactive images.

Benthic Habitat Data Accuracy Statement: Although the benthic habitat data provided with this product were derived in part from benthic habitat data originally developed by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS) Biogeography Team, it was not subject to review by NOAA. At the time of this product's original release (June 2006), an accuracy assessment for the benthic habitat data had not been performed; thus, the accuracy of the data cannot be confirmed. The lack of an accuracy assessment limits the use of the data in certain research and planning activities. An accuracy assessment will be performed as soon as resources become available. Please check the Guam Coastal Atlas Web site at for the results of any future accuracy assessment as well as updated benthic habitat maps and GIS data.

Marine Preserves
Focus Areas
Tumon Bay
Cocos Lagoon
Piti Bomb Holes
Pago Bay
East Agana Bay
Sasa Bay

IMPORTANT: The maps and digital spatial data contained in this atlas are not intended for navigational purposes

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