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Current students

cat Catherine Brunson
BA in Biology, George Mason University


Advisor: Alexander M Kerr Thesis topic: Ontogenetic changes in morphology of ophiuroids. Research interests: Echinoderms, fish behavior, reef ecology. Other interests: History, archaeology, sociology,diving, snorkeling, writing, cooking, hiking, traveling the world and meeting new people.

amanda Amanda deVillers
BSc in Biology, Moravian College


Advisor: Tom Schils Thesis topic: The effect of sedimentation on the benthic community and fish populations of Guam. Interests: Marine conservation, ecology, biodiversity, biogeography, manatees, diving, hiking, frisbee.

ann marie Ann Marie Gawel
BA in Biology, University of Chicago


Advisor: Alexander M Kerr Areas of interest: invasive species, ungulates, forest ecology, island conservation, African biological systems (esp. Cape fynbos, Serengeti), primate evolution, Micronesian history Extracurricular: outrigger canoe paddling, Micronesia Challenge.

julie Julie Ann Hartup
BSc in Zoology, Brigham Young University


Advisor: Dr. Terry Donaldson. Thesis Topic: Spatial Ecology of Manta Rays (Manta alfredi). Interests: Being a Mom, Scuba diving (especially with the Diving Divas….JBDA), Tennis, Kayaking, Traveling, Spending time in Yap.

marylou Marylou Hildebrand
BSc in Biology, University of California San Diego


Advisor: Dr. Terry Donaldson. Thesis Topic: Using geomorphology to map benthic habitats of reef fish spawning aggregation sites & the relevance of existing MPAs in conserving biodiversity and fishery resources. Research interests: Fisheries conservation, management of Marine Protected Areas, consequences of overfishing, reef fish spawning aggregations, sea turtle ecology & conservation. Extracurricular: water polo, teaching scuba, kayaking, traveling.

allison Allison Miller
BSc in Biology, minor in marine biology, University of California San Diego


Advisor: Alexander M Kerr Thesis topic: Phylogenetics of extant sea cucumbers (balate/Holothuroidea). Interests: Marine conservation, microbiology, behavior, traveling, diving, hiking, soccer, eating. .

travis Travis Reynolds
BSc in Biology, Northern Arizona University


Advisor: Laurie Raymundo Thesis topic: Influences effecting post-settlement mortality of coral recruitment. Interests: Generally speaking, coral ecology tops the list. This broad focus can be dissected into larval ecology and the management/rehabilitation of coral reefs. Other intertwined topics, including population dynamics and phylogenetics, continuously guide my curiosity. When I'm not diving for knowledge, I'm enjoying the luxurious island atmosphere while living a fruitful life.


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