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David Burdick

Adjunct Research Associate

B.A., Biology, Hiram College, Ohio
M.Sc., Environmental Studies, College of Charleston, South Carolina

Research Interests

My research interests include coral reef restoration techniques, reef monitoring method effectiveness, reef management effectiveness, reef biodiversity conservation. As a biologist with the Government of Guam, I am actively involved in the management of Guam’s natural resources. Primary among my responsibilities is the coordination of the Government of Guam’s long-term coral reef monitoring program, the aim of which is to track changes in the status of key indicators of coral reef health at priority reef sites and to identify the possible causes of these changes. When I’m “off the clock” I am fortunate to work on several upcoming publications, including a “Corals of the Marianas” book with Dr. Richard Randall (UOGML), an “Echinoderms of the Marianas” book with Dr. Alex Kerr (UOGML) and Dr. Gustav Paulay (Univ. Florida), and an “Environments of Guam” with Danko Taborosi (Univ. Ryukus). I also created and maintain the guamreeflife website, which is dedicated to raising awareness of Guam’s rich marine biodiversity.

Recent Publications

Burdick, D. 2008. The effectiveness of macroalgal reduction and Diadema antillarum addition in limiting macroalgal growth and facilitating coral recovery. Proceedings of the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 7-11 July 2008.

Burdick, D., V. Brown, J. Asher, C. Caballes, M. Gawel, L. Goldman, A. Hall, J. Kenyon, T. Leberer, E. Lundblad, J. McIlwain, J. Miller, D. Minton, M. Nadon, N. Pioppi, L. Raymundo, B. Richards, R. Schroeder, P. Schupp, E. Smith, and B. Zgliczynski. 2008. Status of the Coral Reef Ecosystems of Guam. Bureau of Statistics and Plans, Guam Coastal Management Program. iv + 76 pp.

Burdick, D. 2006. Guam Coastal Atlas (CD-ROM Version). University of Guam Marine Laboratory, Multimedia Publication No. 4.

Burdick, D. 2005. Guam Coastal Atlas (Printed Version). University of Guam Marine Laboratory, Technical Report 114. 149 pages


David Burdick, M.Sc.
Adjunct Research Associate
Marine Laboratory
University of Guam
Mangilao GU 96923 USA
Marine Lab., Room 102
Tel: 1 671 735 2175/6
Fax: 1 671 734 6767

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