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Richard H. Randall

Professor Emeritus of Marine Biology

BSc Ohio State University
MSc University of Guam

Research Interests

Dick studies the geology of island-arc systems and the systematics of corals, particularly those in Micronesia. He is currently describing several new species of scleractinian corals from the Mariana Islands.

Recent Publications

Randall, R. H. 2003. An annotated checklist of hydrozoan and scleractinian corals collected from Guam and other Mariana Islands. Micronesica 35-36: 121-137.

Randall, R. H. 1995. Biogeography of reef-building corals in the Mariana and Palau Islands in relation to back-arc rifting and the formation of the Eastern Philippine Sea. Natural History Research 3: 193-210.

Siegrist, H. G., Bowman, R. G., Randall, R. H. and Stifel, P. B. 1992. Diagenetic effects related to hot-water effluent in a modern reef on Guam. Pacific Science 46: 379.

Tribble, G. H. and R. H. Randall. 1986. A description of the high-latitude shallow water coral communities of Miyake-jima, Japan. Coral Reefs 4: 151-159.

Randall, R. H. and R. F. Myers. 1983. The Corals. Guide to the Coastal Resources of Guam. Volume 2. University of Guam Press. 128 p.


Mr. Richard H. Randall
Professor Emeritus of Marine Biology
Marine Laboratory
University of Guam
Mangilao GU 96923 USA
Marine Lab., Room ML203
Tel: 1 671 735 2175
Fax: 1 671 734 6767

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