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Central Pacific Coral Disease Workshop: Protocols for Assessment, Monitoring and Outbreak Investigation

27 February to 3 March 2007

The Marine Laboratory, University of Guam

Organizer: Dr. Laurie Raymundo

Acropora validaGlobally, corals reefs continue to be degraded at an accelerated rate by stressors that include intense fishing pressure, siltation, eutrophication, and warming sea temperatures. The recent increase in reports of diseases affecting corals suggest that disease may be a growing source of coral mortality, one which has already had significant impact on reef communities in the Caribbean. Diseases impacting Indo-Pacific coral reefs are poorly understood, but recent studies suggest that these reefs, too, may be under threat.

This workshop is designed to train local and regional coral biologists in underwater field diagnosis and outbreak response training. It is the goal of this workshop to establish a network of trained individuals who can identify diseases impacting local reefs, monitor the progress of these diseases, and respond to outbreaks, should they occur.

Interested individuals are welcome to attend the scheduled lectures.

Workshop schedule

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