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27 February to 3 March 2007

Marine Lab., Room 205

Dr. Laurie Raymundo
Assistant Professor of Marine Biology, UOGML
Workshop Organizer

Central Pacific Coral Disease Workshop: Protocols for Assessment, Monitoring and Outbreak Investigation
Links for participants here.

22 February 2007

Marine Lab., Room 205
1100 h

Mr. Lee Goldman
Masters Candidate Biology
University of Guam

Thesis Defense: Effects of interspcific competition on the growth and morphology of cultured Acropora pulchra and Porites cylindrica.

11 August 2006

Marine Lab., Room 205
1600 h

Ms. Christine Pequignet
Doctoral Candidate
Department of Oceanography
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Pacific Islands Land-Ocean Typhoon Experiments and More...

10 July 2006

Marine Lab., Room 205
1600 h

Dr. Etienne J. Faye
Research Scientist
Marine Environment and Engineering Department
Coastal and Estuarine Environment Group, Yokosuka, Japan

A taxonomic study of the seagrass genus Halophila (Hydrocharitaceae) from Japan: reinstatement of Halophila euphlebia Makino on the basis of morphology and ITS sequences

8 June 2006

Marine Lab., Room 205
1600 h

Dr. Jason Biggs
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Utah

Pharmacological Potential of Venomous Mollusks

28 April 2006

Marine Lab., Room 205
1200 h

Ms. Metiek Kimie Ngirchechol
Masters Candidate in Environmental Biology
University of Guam

Thesis Proposal: Nutrient Flux Across Guam's Reef Flats

28 March 2006

Marine Lab., Room 205
1600 h

Dr. Robert H. Richmond
Research Professor
2006 Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation
Kewalo Marine Laboratory
Pacific Biosciences Research Center
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Coral Reef Conservation Biology: Applying Research Results to Policy Development and Implementation in the Pacific Islands

13-14 March 2006

Marine Lab Bldg.
Beginning 0900 h 13 March

35th Anniversary Celebration of the Marine Laboratory



Mr. Barry D. Smith
Director, Marine Laboratory

President's Remarks

Dr. Harold L. Allen
President, University of Guam

Governor's Remarks

Hon. Felix P. Comacho
Governor of Guam

Speaker's Remarks

Hon. Mark Forbes
Speaker, 28th Guam Legislature

Presentation of Resolution

Hon. Lawrence Kasperbauer
Senator, 28th Guam Legislature

Memories of the First Years

Dr. Robert S. Jones
Director, Marine Laboratory (1970-1972)

Dr. Lucius G. Eldredge
Director, Marine Laboratory (1972-1974)

Dr. Roy T. Tsuda
Director, Marine Laboratory (1974-1976)

Dr. James A. Marsh, Jr.
Director, Marine Laboratory (1976-1978)

Presentation of Gifts

Dr. Helen J. D. Whippy
Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs


Traditional Chamorro food, including red rice, lumpia and chicken kelaguen.

Open House

The Marine Lab welcomes the public to take a guided tour of the facilities and the research being done at the Lab. Come and examine the set up of on-going experiments about coral-reef health. Aquariums and a touch tank of reef organisms are also on display. Open House continues on 14 March 0900 to 1700 h. To learn about other Charter Day activities, click HERE.

10 February 2006

WERI Bldg., Conference Room
1500 h

Dr. Mark K. Reagan
Associate Professor
Department of Geoscience
University of Iowa

Evolution of Volcanism in the Mariana Islands

Sponsored by WERI

20 January 2006

Marine Lab., Room 208
0900 to 1200 h

Workshop on Introduced Marine Species

Dr. Lu Eldredge, Department of Invertebrates, Bernice P. Bishop Museum
Dr. Roy Tsuda, Department of Botany, Bernice P. Bishop Museum
Dr. Steven L. Coles, Hawaiian Biological Survey, Bernice P. Bishop Museum

Sponsored by the Hawaiian Biological Survey

13 January 2006

CALS Bldg., Room 202
1200 h

Mr. Fleming Umiich Sengebau
MSc Candidate in Environmental Science
University of Guam

Thesis Defense: Evaluation of Public Participation in the Environmental Impact Assessment Process of the Republic of Palau

29 November 2005

Marine Lab., Room 208
1400 h

Mr. Meir Sussman
PhD Candidate
Department of Marine Biology
James Cook University

Vibrio corallilyticus Strain M01, the Causative Agent for Degenerative Bleaching Disease Infecting Montipora spp. corals on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

23 November 2005

Marine Lab., Room 208
1100 h

Ms. Chie Takase
MSc Candidate in Environmental Science
University of Guam

Thesis Defense: The toxic effect of two different herbicides, Irgarol 1051 and Roundup (Glyphosphate) on Leptastrea purpurea (scleractinian coral) planulae.

27 October 2005

CNAS Bldg., Room 223
1500 h

Dr. Mark A. Lander
Associate Professor of Meteorology
Water and Energy Research Institute, University of Guam (and formerly U.S. Joint Typhoon Warning Center)

A Discussion of Guam's Risk from Tsunamis, Volcanoes and Typhoons.

Sponsored by WERI


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