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Facilities and equipment

Undergraduate research assistant Brian Antolin mans the rotovap bench in the analytical lab The University of Guam Marine Laboratory is presently housed in three buildings. The facility is used year around. The two-story, 1800-m² research building contains a physiology laboratory, an analytical research laboratory, a lecture hall, conference room, faculty laboratories and offices, and student offices. The technical building includes wood and metal shop facilities and storage for boats and SCUBA equipment. The third building (1100 m²) is a shared facility between the Marine Laboratory and the Water and Energy Research Institute (WERI), which houses our reference collection, a genetics/molecular biology lab and additional office space for postdoctoral investigators and visitors.

The Marine Laboratory’s facilities are well equipped. The analytical laboratory, which supports programs in chemical ecology and natural products chemistry, contains two HPLCs, a GC-MS, a lyophylizer, and three roto-evaporators. A molecular laboratory is well equipped for DNA sequencing, with two PCR thermocyclers, a Li-Cor DNA sequencer, digital image acquisition system, electrophoresis equipment, refrigerated high-speed centrifuges, and an ultracentrifuge. Other laboratories contain a UV/visible spectrophotometer, respirometers, dissecting and compound microscopes including fluorecence and video acessories, an ultra-pure water system, low-temperature freezers, a refrigerated incubator, an autoclave, as well as all the surveying, collecting, and preserving equipment typically found at a marine field station. A scintillation counter and facilities for histology are available in other departments of the University. The University recently purchased a confocal microscope, which is housed at the Marine Laboratory.

The Marine Laboratory also maintains a flowing seawater system for the culture and maintenance of organisms. The shop and technical service wing is staffed by two marine technicians who provide research support. Coral reefs and related habitats are easily accessible from shore or by the laboratory's three outboard vessels: a 21-ft Boston Whaler, a 19-ft Bertram Carribean, and a 14-ft McKee Craft Montenegro.


Masters candidate Vega Azcuna pretending to operate the HPLC. High-performance liquid chromatography bench.
Molecular laboratory. Molecular biology laboratory.



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