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Frank Camacho

Assistant Professor of Biology
College of Natural and Applied Sciences

BA University of Guam
MSc University of Guam
PhD University of Alabama at Birmingham

Research Interests

I am interested in the role of predation and terrestrial subsidies of organic carbon on the structure of high island freshwater communities, as well as seasonal patterns of competitive release among herbivores in those habitats. I also study the interplay between putative chemical and structural defenses in both freshwater and marine cyanobacteria.

Recent Publications

Camacho FA. 2007. Macroalgal and cyanobacterial chemical defenses in freshwater communities. In: Amsler, CD (ed.) Algal Chemical Ecology. Springer.

Camacho FA and Thacker RW. 2006. Freshwater cyanobacterial resistance to herbivory: chemical stimulants and morphological defenses. Limnology and Oceanography 51: 1870-1875.

Heathcote GM, Diego VP, Camacho FA and Taisipic TF. 1997. Comment on "The dimensions of social life in the Pacific: Human diversity and the myth of the primitive isolate" by Terrell JE, Hunt TL and Gosden C. Current Anthropology 38:180-181.

Nelson SG, Camacho FA, Parham JE, Tibbatts RB, Leberer T and Smith BD. 1997. Distributions and habitats of Micronesian stream fishes. Micronesica 30:8391

Nelson SG, Smith BD, Parham JE, Tibbatts, B and Camacho FA. 1995. A survey of the streamfishes of the upper reaches of the Ngermeskang River, Palau, with recommendations for conservation and monitoring. University of Guam Marine Laboratory, Technical Report 100. 31 pages


Dr. Frank A. Camacho
Assistant Professor
College of Natural and Applied Sciences
University of Guam
Mangilao GU 96923 USA
Tel: 1 671 735 2835
Fax: 1 671 735 4582

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