Ron and whitetip shark, Uracas, northern Mariana Islands.  Photo: Qamar


If you are bright, motivated and an independent thinker interested in spending some time exploring the biology and cultures of Micronesia, then I'd appreciate the chance to talk with you about joining my lab. Drop me a line (see "Contact" at left). We are mainly interested in phylogenetic approaches to the evolution of community ecology and behaviour. Recent publications from this lab cover the ecology, evolution and phylogenetic systematics of corals, echinoderms, spiders and plants. Because our lab is located in Micronesia, our model systems tend to be coral reefs and insular palaeotropical forests. However, any question empirical or otherwise related to our general theme is welcome, including conservation- and ethnographic-oriented biology.

Espesiat na palåbra para i taotaotanu

Fina'ne'na, ti Chamoru yu' ya hu tungo' nai ti tahdong ilelek hu gi i fino' Chamoru. Ke hinassu ku na mas interesao i linguåhi yan i kotturan Mariånas. Yanggen malago hao umestudiu todu i dos na subhectu i kottura yan i tiningo' lina'la' (i biologia) gi iya Islan Mariånas, pot ehemplu, i na'an i ga'ga' machålek pot i kustombren eguihan, pues ågang yu' fan yan nihi ta hassu i planu mu i Masters of Science.