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Laurie Raymundo

Associate Professor of Marine Biology

BSc State University of New York - ESF
MSc State University of New York - ESF
PhD Cornell

Lab Page

Research Interests

Coral reefs are subjected to an increasingly diverse barrage of human activity-induced negative impacts. I am interested in particular effects of these impacts on corals and reefs, and in finding ways to mitigate these effects. My work has centered around three main areas: the ecology of coral diseases; intraspecific interactions among scleractinian corals in the context of transplantation and the ontogeny of allorecognition; and reef rehabilitation, specifically, the development of novel approaches to stimulating natural recovery processes. I am particularly interested in linking these areas of study with reef protection. Marine Protected Areas are potent management tools usually established to protect fish populations. I am interested in exploring their role in the management of disease outbreaks, and in finding ways to stimulate recovery from past stressors such as blast fishing. Much of my work has taken place in the Philippines, a country containing some of the most diverse, yet stressed, reefs worldwide, and an extensive network of MPAs. However, the problems encountered there are widespread throughout the Indo-Pacific, and approaches developed to address these issues need to be equally diverse, and guided by sound science.

Recent Publications

Raymundo, L. J., A. R. Halford, A. P. Maypa and A. M. Kerr. 2009. Functionally diverse reef-fish communities ameliorate coral disease. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A. 106: 17076-17070.

Raymundo, L.J.H. & A.P. Maypa.  2004. Getting bigger faster:  Mediation of size-specific mortality via fusion in juvenile coral transplants.  Ecological Applications 14:281–295.

Raymundo, L.J.H., C.D. Harvell, & T. Reynolds.  2003.  Porites ulcerative white spot disease: Description, prevalence, and host range of a new coral disease affecting Indo-Pacific reefs.  Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 56(2): 95–104.

Raymundo, L.J.H., & A.P. Maypa.  2003.  Impacts of the 1997-98 ENSO event:  Responses of the Apo Island Marine Reserve.  Philippine Scientist 40:164–176.

Raymundo, L.J.H.  2002.  Effects of conspecifics on reciprocally-transplanted fragments of the scleractinian coral Porites attenuata Nemenzo in the Central Philippines.  Coral Reefs 20:263–272.

Raymundo, L.J.H., & A.P. Maypa.  2002. Recovery of the Apo Island Marine Reserve, Philippines, two years after the El Niño bleaching event.  Coral Reefs 21:260–261.


Dr. Laurie J. H. Raymundo
Associate Professor of Marine Biology
Marine Laboratory
University of Guam
Mangilao GU 96923 USA
Marine Lab., Room 101
Tel: 1 671 735 2184
Fax: 1 671 734 6767

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