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Date Title Speaker Institution
25 January, 1500 h Takeshi Hayashibara "Corals of Okino-torishima" Seikai National Fisheries Research Institute, Japan
25 January, 1530 h Hironobu Fukami "Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis of the Scleractinian Corals" Seto Marine Lab, Kyoto University
22 February, HSS 302 Don Platt "The JFK Assassination: Was Oliver Stone on the grassy knoll?" CLASS UOG
21 March Francois Michonneau "Early post settlement mortality in scleractinian corals in Moorea, French Polynesia" University of Florida
28 March Katherine Szabo "Molluscan shell as a raw material, and what it has to do with human evolution" Australian National University
9 May Rachel Leon Guerrero "Nutrition on Guam" CNAS UOG
29 August Jason Biggs "Conus peptides: the evolution of targeted neuropharmaceutics" UOG Marine Lab
5 September John Horne "Population genetics and phylogeography of the coral reef fish genus Naso" James Cook University, Australia
12 September Sheeka Afaisen, Ann Marie Gawel and Isumechrard Ngirairikl "The Micronesia Challenge: Small Islands Confronting BIG Issues" Micronesia Challenge
19 September Joost den Hann  "Achieving the balance between conservation and use of marine resources - Bonaire National Marine Park" UOG Marine Lab
26 September Ernie Matson "Islands in the stream: seawater flowing to, under, and around Guam" UOG Marine Lab
3 October Shane Siers, Bjorn Lander, David Burdick "Island Images: Photography and Videography from the Philippines, Bonaire and Micronesia" U.S. Geological Survey
10 October Ann Marie Gawel "Diversity in the Cape Floristic Region of South Africa" UOG Marine Lab
16 October Anthony Wright "Why is Marine Natural Products Research like Climbing Mount Everest School of Pharmacy, University of Hawaii, Hilo
17 October Romina King "Measuring Perceptions and Attitudes of Guam's Micronesian Immigrant Community with regard to Guam's Network of Marine Preserves" Micronesian Studies, UOG
24 October Laurie Raymundo "Grassroots coastal resource mangement in the Phillipines: How the poorest of the poor make it work" UOG Marine Lab
31 October John Jenson "Global Warming—What Al Gore doesn’t want you to know" WERI UOG
7 November Sven Rohde "Defenses are dynamic in marine algae, but what about sponges?" UOG Marine Lab
14 November Matt Charette "Toward a Global Assessment of Subterranean Estuaries on Oceanic Trace Element Budgets" Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
21 November  Brett Taylor "Thesis defence: Reproductive biology of Lethrinus harak" McIlwain Lab, UOGML
28 November Gitta Spindler "Friend or Enemy - Do non-indigenous species harm the Baltic sea?" UOG Marine Lab
5 December Sloan Siegrist "How Mycobacterium tuberculosis takes its vitamins" UOG Marine Lab
12 December Sheena Abellana and Alyssa Marshell Thesis proposal: Ontogenetic changes in feeding ecology of Naso unicornis McIlwain Lab, UOGML



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