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Date Title Speaker Institution
16 Jan "Caves on Guam: Mother Nature's Climate Stash" Judson Partin University of Texas at Austin
23 Jan "Friend or Enemy - do non-native species harm the Baltic Sea?" Gitta Spindler UOG Marine Lab
30 Jan "Chasing tropical cyclones in coastal sediments" Jeff Donnelly Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
6 Feb "Faculty research at the Marine Lab" Marine Lab faculty UOG Marine Lab
9 Feb, 0900 h "Thesis Proposal: Diffusion Chambers for the Isolation of Novel Sponge-Specific Bacteria" Susanna Whitfield Schupp Lab, UOGML
13 Feb "Evolution of disease and organismal shape" Alexander M Kerr UOG Marine Lab
19 Feb "Mariana Islands Sea Turtle and Cetacean Survey (MISTICS)" Phil Thorson Hawaii Association for Marine Education and Research
20 Feb "Overview of the USGS Brown Treesnake Program" Shane Siers US Geological Survey
27 Feb "Climate Warming Puts the Heat on Tropical Ectotherms" Joshua Tewksbury University of Washington
5 Mar "Whats new with the Graduate Envirnmental Science Program at UOG" John Jenson UOG WERI
13 Mar "Landscape, anadromy, and predicting life history patterns in steelhead/rainbow trout" Justin Mills Oregon State University
20 Mar "Vetiver Grass Technology: A Green Alternative to current Wastewater Treatment in Guam" Mohammad Golabi UOG CNAS
27 Mar "Isotopic logs from the Sea of Cortez: Using skeletal remains to establish ecological baselines" Kirsten Rowell University of Washington
3 Apr "California annual grass invaders: the passengers, not drivers of change" Janneke Lambers University of Washington
17 Apr "Evolutionary tradeoffs between anti-predator mechanisms across coral reef sea cucumbers" Chad Riopel University of Guelph, Canada
17 Apr, 1630 h "Quantifying NOx in foods with ion chromatography; Isolation of pharmaceutically active metabolites in sponges" Anna Engemann University of Muenster, Germany
20 Apr, 1230 h "Application of the Palindrome Sequence Analysis (PaSA) in studying fishes' dispersal patterns in the Red Sea" Ofer Ben-Tzvi Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences in Eilat, Israel
22 Apr, 1530 h "Recruitment and dispersal of Chromis viridis" Ofer Ben-Tzvi Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences in Eilat, Israel
24 Apr "Net loss: How fisheries bycatch threatens marine life and what can be done about it" Tim Werner Boston University
1 May "Environmental ethics: Four theories" Jim Sellman UOG CLASS
6 May, 0830 h "Thesis defense: Lek-like behavior of the parrotfish Chlorurus sordidus (Labridae: Scarinae), on a resident spawning aggregation site at Guam, Mariana Islands" Kathryn Chop Donaldson Lab, UOGML
8 May, 1000 h, WERI Conf Room "Biological and Physical Oceanography at NSF" Phil Taylor US National Science Foundation
8 May "Results of the PILOT (Pacific Island Land-Ocean Typhoon) experiment" Christine Pequignet University of Hawaii at Manoa
12 May, 1500 h, WERI Conf Room "Cetti watershed in Southern Guam" Richard Mackenzie US Forest Service
15 May "Expression of sex pheromone by female brown treesnakes during viteliogenesis and When reproductively quiescent" Tom Mathies USDA National Wildlife Research Center
15 May, 1630 h "Brown treesnakes (BTS) and optimal foraging theory: Can BTS foraging in a laboratory contribute to the discussion?" Michael Ehlert Psychology Program, UOG
22 May "Exploring the northern reefs of Palau: Video and stills from Kayangel Atoll" Dave Burdick and Mike McCue Guam Coastal Management and Underwater World, Guam
25 May, 1500 h "Predicting the bite rate of Pacific parrotfish" Sonia Bejarano University of Exeter, United Kingdom
10 June "Geographic patterns in reproductive synchronicity in reef corals" Andrew Baird James Cook University, Australia
30 July "Hysteresis in coral-reef recovery" Peter Mumby University of Exeter, United Kingdom
31 July "Deep-time look at coral-reef dynamics" Kiho Kim American University
20 August, 0930 h "Thesis proposal: Movement and life-history traits of the unicornfish: tåtaga' (Naso unicornis) and hangon (Naso lituratus)" Alyssa Marshell McIlwain Lab, UOGML
31 August "Speciation by host shifting and evolution of non-dispersing larvae in herbivorous sea slugs" Patrick Krug California State University at Los Angeles
4 September, 1600 h "Pharmacology of marine natural products" Gabi Koenig University of Bonn, Germany
4 September, 1630 h "Incorporation of photosynthetic units in Opisthobranchs" Heiki Waegele University of Bonn, Germany
10 September, 1000 h "Thesis proposal: Determining patterns of connectivity of Siganus spinus populations throughout the North-Western Pacific" Mark Priest McIlwain Lab, UOGML
18 September "Ulithi Atoll, Yap: 2008 Snake Sighting Report and Follow-up" James Stanford U.S. Geological Survey
22 September, 1000 h "Thesis proposal: Investigation and characterization of the Indo-Pacific White Syndrome affecting Porites and Acropora spp. in Guam" Paula Lozada Raymundo Lab, UOGML
25 September, 0900 h "Thesis defense: The role of chemical signals on the feeding behavior of crown-of-thorns seastar Acanthaster planci (Linnaeus, 1758)" Ciemon Caballes Schupp Lab, UOGML
25 September, 1600 h "The latest stats on rat eats: Seed predation by invasive rodents in the Mariana Islands Part I" Catharine Adams University of Washington
25 September, 1630 h "The latest stats on rat eats: Seed predation by invasive rodents in the Mariana Islands Part II" Kaitlin Mattos Washington University in St. Louis
5 October, 0930 h "Thesis proposal: Systematics of the nocturnal monsters, Bohadschia spp. (Holothuroidea)" Sun Kim Kerr Lab, UOGML
9 October "What was the fishing like?" Mary Ralph Doubtless Bay Protection Group, Royal Society of New Zealand
23 October "Conservation initiatives at Turneffe Atoll, Belize: Oceanic Society Field Station" Katherine Cure McIlwain Lab, UOGML
30 October "Typhoons in Micronesia: Past, present and future" Chip Guard U.S. National Weather Service/Joint Typhoon Warning Center
6 November "What is happening to the climate of Micronesia: Is it getting warmer? Are there more typhoons? How fast is the sea level rising?" Mark Lander UOG WERI
20 November "It's Getting Hot In Here: Who or What Can Stop Global Warming? A Discussion on the Ability of International Law, Domestic Politics, Economics, and the U.S. Court System to Combat Global Warming" Aaron Jackson and James Collins Mair, Mair, Spade and Thompson, LLC and Superior Court of Guam
4 December "Komodo dragons and Tonga humpbacks" Tim Rock Independent photojournalist http://timrock.com
11 December "Terrestrial biodiversity in the tropcial Pacific: Our uniqeness presents unique challenges" Dan Vice Wildlife Services, US Department of Agriculture
17 December, 1000 h "Thesis defense: Reef rehabilitation through transplantation of Porites rus and macroalgal weeding" Pablo Rojas, Jr. Raymundo Lab, UOGML
17 December, 1600 h "Thesis proposal: Postsettlement growth and spatio-temporal differences in diet of Naso unicornis and Naso lituratus recruits around Guam" Sheena Abellena McIlwain Lab, UOGML



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