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Thesis proposals and thesis defense at the University of Guam are presentations open to the public. Those given by Masters candidates in biology and environmental science whose work is carried out primarily at the Marine Lab are listed below. Candidates wishing to reserve a time to present in the classrom ML205, should contact the Marine Lab secretary Angie.

POETS Club is our weekly lecture series. Presentations can be on any topic (seriously). POETS is usually held during Fall and Spring semesters every Friday from 1600 to 1700 h in the classrom ML205, but check the schedule below to ensure times and venues. POETS will serve snacks and beverages (for a $2.00 donation) following the presentations.

Guest lectures happen frequently. See Visiting Scientists for some of our recent guest speakers. Guam is a favourite place to conduct research on coral reefs and is a hub for flights throughout the Pacific and between North America, Asia and Australia. Hence, we receive a steady stream of scientists who can often be cajoled into presenting their work. Please contact our director if you would like to give a lecture while on Guam.

Previous lectures: 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006.


Date Title Speaker Institution
22 Jan "Research at UOG Marine Lab" Marine Lab faculty UOG Marine Lab
29 Jan "Buddhist Views on Environmental Responsiblity" Venerable Miao Guang Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Monastery, Taiwan
1 Feb
1500 h
"Coral diseases: resistance, pathogenesis and ecological implications" Deborah Gochfeld National Center for Natural Products Research, University of Mississippi
10 Feb 1000 h "Thesis proposal: Monitoring the induction of cytochrome P4501A in rabbitfish (Siganus spinus) as a biomarker for environmental pollution" Carmen Kautz Biggs Lab, UOGML
12 Feb "Wildlife Management in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado" Justin Martens UOG Marine Lab
26 Feb "To Split or Not To Split – a Tale of Two Aphids" Ross Miller UOG Western Pacific Tropical Research Center
5 Mar "Global (and Guam) Warming and Climategate" Mark Lander UOG Water and Environment Research Institute
12 Mar "Lytico-bodig of Guam: An obscure malady" John Steele Guam Memorial Hospital
15 Mar "Exploration of Submarine Arc Volcanoes along the Mariana and Tonga-Kermadec Subduction Zones" Robert Embley NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
16 Mar 1000 h "Thesis defence: Population dynamics of two species of Naso with an emphasis on movement patterns, population estimates and distribution and abundance" Alyssa Marshell McIlwain Lab, UOGML
26 Mar "Indicator bacteria and recreational beach "water quality": Whose poop is this, anyway?" Ernie Matson UOG Marine Lab
2 Apr "Molecular Phylogeography of Twelve Genera of Amphidromous Gobioid Fishes" Daniel Lindstrom North Carolina State University
7 Apr "Thesis defence: Molecular phylogenetics of the tropical sea cucumbers Bohadschia (Holothuriidae: Aspidochirotida)" Sun Wook Kim Kerr Lab, UOGML
9 Apr "An Effective way of Protecting the Coastal Shorelines from Water Erosion and Sedimentation via A Green Technology, the Vetiver System - Example Case: Pago Bay Development Site" Mohammad Golabi UOG WERI
16 Apr "Research, education, and conservation in Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles" Amanda deVillers UOG Marine Lab
23 Apr "Helping people learn about how to save Guam's environment" Tammy Jo Anderson Taft Guam Coastal Management, Guam Bureau of Statistics and Plans
30 Apr 1100 h "Thesis proposal: Why are invasive lionfish so successful? Searching for the key in a native population" Katherine Cure McIlwain Lab, UOGML
30 Apr 1600 h "The "Evolution-of-Life" Project-- Behind the Scenes" Robert Sigl Ludwig-Maximilians University
7 May 1300 h "Thesis proposal: Niche dynamics of the threadfin butterflyfish, Chaetodon auriga, on the reef flats of Guam" Kirstie Goodman-Rendall McIlwain Lab, UOGML
7 May 1600 h "A semester at sea aboard the Spirit of Massachusetts" Roxanna Myers UOG Marine Lab
7 May 1630 h "Grouper spawning aggregations in Pohnpei, Micronesia" Steve Lindfield University of Western Australia
14 May "Motion Macro: Bizarre miniature reef life" Shane Siers ASRC Management Services, USGS Brown Treesnake Project
21 May "Interglacial limestone and its geomorphic features on Guam: implications for the RELATIVE sea level Change" Blaz Miklavic UOG Water and Environmental Research Institute
24 May "Birth, Death, Diversification and Differential Expression of Conotoxin Gene Families Of Predatory Marine Snails Conus" Dan Chang University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
7 Jun 1000 h "Welcome to the NSF Holothuroid Systematics Workshop" Alexander Kerr University of Guam
8 Jun 1000 h "NSF Holothuroid Workshop: Introduction to Echinoderms" François Michonneau University of Florida
9 Jun 1000 h "NSF Holothuroid Workshop: Anatomy, ossicles and Cuvierian tubules of aspidochirote holothuroids" Yves Samyn & Didier Vanden Spiegel Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and Central African Museum
9 Jun 1400 h "NSF Holothuroid Workshop: Synopsis of Indonesian Holothurians" Ana Setyastuti Indonesian Institute of Sciences
10 Jun 1000 h "NSF Holothuroid Workshop: Do Echinoderm do it differently?" François Michonneau University of Florida
10 Jun 1400 h "NSF Holothuroid Workshop: Molecular phylogeny of Bohadschia (Holothuriidae" Sun Kim University of Guam
11 Jun 1000 h "NSF Holothuroid Workshop: Sea cucumbers of Bolinao-Anda Reef System Framework and Management of Communal Sandfish (Holothuria scabra) Sea Ranching in the Philippines" Donald Olavides University of Philippines
12 Jun 1000 h "NSF Holothuroid Workshop: Molecular phylogeny of Holothuroidea" Alexander Kerr University of Guam
12 Jun 1400 h "NSF Holothuroid Workshop: Introduction to phylogenetics" Alexander Kerr University of Guam
13 Jun 1000 h "NSF Holothuroid Workshop: Quantifying ossicle variation in Stichopus" John Starmer Florida Museum of Natural History
13 Jun 1400 h "NSF Holothuroid Workshop: Integrative taxonomy: field, morphological, and DNA; emerging tools and techniques" Gustav Paulay Florida Museum of Natural History
14 Jun 1000 h "NSF Holothuroid Workshop: Resource management and Culture of Sea Cucumbers in the Philippines" Marie Antonette Juinio-Meñez University of Philippines
14 Jun 1400 h "NSF Holothuroid Workshop: Taxonomy of the Family Synallactidae and of the Order Elasipoda" Francisco Solis-Marin Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico
15 Jun 1000 h "NSF Holothuroid Workshop: Molecular phylogeny of the subgenus Selenkothuria Deichmann, 1958" Magali Honeyr Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico
15 Jun 1400 h "NSF Holothuroid Workshop: The diversity and exploitation of sea cucumbers in Malaysia and its neighboring countries" Kamarul Rahim Bin Kamarudin University of Aukland, New Zealand
16 Jun 1000 h "NSF Holothuroid Workshop: Systematics of the family Psolidae" Julio Adrián Arriaga Ocho Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico
16 Jun 1400 h "NSF Holothuroid Workshop: Systematic and phylogeography of the subgenus Holothuria from the Atlanto-Mediterranean" Giomar Borerro Perez University of Murcia, Spain
5 August "Marine mammal strandings: Collecting data on the life history of cetaceans" Kristi West Hawaii Pacific University
6 August 1000 h, DAWR Admin bldg "Marine mammal necropsy training" Kristi West Hawaii Pacific University
13 August "Native seeds in invasive Tangantangan: The role of birds in seed dispersal" Summer Kemp-Jennings and Eleanor Caves University of Washington
13 August 1630 h "Taking students OUT and bringing ecology IN: A teachers' perspective on a summer research experience" Sabina Perez and Michael Subbert University of Washington
20 August "Northwestern Hawaiian Islands: the beauty and the beast" Greta Aeby University of Hawaii at Manoa
27 August "Isotopes and Carbon:Nitrogen Ratios – From Pear Trees to Fish" Tim Righetti University of Guam
10 September "Federal Pollution Control Statutes: Past, Present and Future" James C. Collins Supreme Court of Guam
17 September "The role of microorganisms in Ca-carbonate precipitation and limestone genesis" Blaž Miklavic UOG WERI
28 September 1600 h "Signatures of vicariance and dispersal in the Indo-Pacific opiliofauna I" Ronald M. Clouse American Museum of Natural History
28 September 1630 h "Signatures of vicariance and dispersal in the Indo-Pacific opiliofauna II" Prashant P. Sharma Harvard Museum of Natural History
7 October 1400 h "Thesis defense: Post-settlement growth and spatial differences in the diet of Naso unicornis and Naso lituratus recruits around Guam" Sheena Abellana McIlwain Lab, UOGML
8 October "Thesis proposal: Aliens among us: The ecology of invasive ungulates in Marianas limestone forests" Ann Marie Gawel Kerr Lab, UOGML
15 October "Series 1: Weaving for a healthy household" David Benavente UOG Marine Lab
29 October "The role of parasites in biological invasions" Mark Torchin Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
5 November "Ancient Human Migration and Fishing Practices" Hsiao-chun Hung and Mike T. Carson Australian National University and UOG MARC
10 November 1100 h "Thesis defense: Connectivity of Siganus spinus populations across the western Pacific" Mark "Sparky" Priest McIlwain Lab, UOGML
12 November "Why are chilies hot?: The Evolutionary Ecology of a Major Spice" Joshua Tewksbury University of Washington
19 November "Land Condemnation: Use By and Against the Military" Aaron R. Jackson UOG and the law firm Mair, Mair, Spade & Thompson
3 December "Invertebrate Zoology presentations" Laurie Raymundo and class UOGML
10 December "Tagging Sunfish in Bali and setting up marine preserves in Micronesia" Tim Rock Independent photojournalist and author; http://timrock.com




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