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Thesis proposals and thesis defense at the University of Guam are presentations open to the public. Those given by Masters candidates in biology and environmental science whose work is carried out primarily at the Marine Lab are listed below. Candidates wishing to reserve a time to present in the classrom ML205, should contact the Marine Lab administrative staff.

POETS Club is our weekly lecture series. Presentations can be on any topic (seriously). POETS is usually held during Fall and Spring semesters every Friday from 1600 to 1700 h in the classrom ML205, but check the schedule below to ensure times and venues. POETS will serve snacks and beverages (for a $2.00 donation) following the presentations.

Guest lectures happen frequently. See Visiting Scientists for some of our recent guest speakers. Guam is a favourite place to conduct research on coral reefs and is a hub for flights throughout the Pacific and between North America, Asia and Australia. Hence, we receive a steady stream of scientists who can often be cajoled into presenting their work. Please contact our director if you would like to give a lecture while on Guam.

Previous lectures: 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006.


Time Title Speaker Institution
21 Jan "Research at UOG Marine Lab" Marine Lab faculty UOG Marine Lab
24 Jan
1300 h
"Thesis defense: Diffusion growth chambers for the isolation of novel sponge-associated bacteria" Susanna Whitfield Schupp Lab, UOGML
28 Jan
1600 h
"Marianas Expedition Wildlife Surveys 2010" Craig Clark US Dept Agriculture and US Fish and Wildlife Service
28 Jan
1630 h
"Herpetological Surveys on Pagan Island" Elijah Wostl US Geological Survey
11 Feb
1600 h
"Megapode Surveys in the Northern Islands" Cari Eggleston US Fish and Wildlife
11 Feb
1630 h
"Marine Biological Surveys of Pagan Island" Valerie Brown Fisheries Division, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration
4 Feb
CNAS 104
"The importance of hunting and fishing to indigenous people of lowland Bolivia, South America" Wendy Townsend Organization for Tropical Studies, Costa Rica
18 Feb "Wading Birds in South Florida" John C. Simon US Geological Survey and University of Florida
25 Feb "Guam From Peace to Battlefield to Park" James Oelke Farley US National Park Service
4 Mar "Without Controversy - Interpreting the Civil War's Most Infamous Racial Massacre" Benjamin Hayes US National Park Service
11 Mar "Salinispora, a tale of three species" Paul Jensen Scripps Institution of Oceanography
25 Mar "Data mining a large database: A sugarcane example" Wuttichai Gunnola University of Thailand
30 Mar
1400 h
"Running on Empty: How the Worlds Largest Fish Manages its Energy Requirements" Mark Meekan Australian Institute of Marine Science
1 Apr
1400 h
"Monitoring results from Jinapsan cave, with lessons for understanding past and future climate" Ben Hardt University of Texas at Austin
6 Apr
0930 h
"Thesis defense: The Ecology of Lionfish in their Native Environment" Katherine Cure Chams UOGML McIlwain Lab
7 Apr
0900 h
"Thesis defense: Partial characterization of growth anomalies affecting massive Porites corals on Guam" Rocky Miller UOGML Raymundo Lab
8 Apr "Evaluating United States Nuclear Power Production and Regulation from an Economic Perspective" James Collins UOG Environmental Law
6 May "Soils of Micronesia" Robert Gavenda USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
13 May "NOAA Hi'ialakai Cruise to the Northern Mariana Islands" Val Brown NOAA & UOG College of Natural Sciences
8 Jul
1030 h
"Thesis defense: Cytochrome P4501A as a Biomarker of Marine Environmental Contamination in the Scribbled Rabbitfish (Siganus spinus)" Carmen Kautz UOGML Biggs Lab
14 Jul "Stable isotope analysis: a new tool for coral reef monitoring" David Baker Smithsonian Institution & Carnegie Institution of Washington
18 Jul
1300 h
"Workshop: R computer language Part I" Justin Mills UOGML
18 Jul "Fishing for herbivores in Micronesia: What is behind fishermen’s choices at sea and at the fish markets" Sonia Bejerana Chavarro University of Queensland, Australia
20 Jul
1300 h
"Workshop: R computer language Part II" Justin Mills UOGML
26 Jul "Exploring Ocean Trenches in the 21st Century" Kevin Hardy Scripps Institution of Oceanography
8 Aug "Bird diversity in native forest in the northern Mariana Islands" Ethan Linck University of Washington
12 Aug "GIS-based management of Pacific island national parks" Dan Dorfman National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration
19 Aug "Sustainability for the Mariana Islands: Creating a network to preserve limestone forests through the classroom" Sabina Perez, Mary Garvilles and Annette Pladevega JFK High School, Guam; Simon Sanchez High School, Guam and Kagman High School, Saipan
26 Aug "Trash to Electricity" Mohammed Golabi UOG College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
2 Sep "Social marketing for an environmental cause: the "Na Para I Guafi" campaign to prevent wildland fires" Elaina Todd Western Pacific Coral Reef Institute
9 Sep "Elimination of excess sludge from wastewater treatment plants" Joseph Rouse UOG Water and Environment Research Institute
16 Sep "Navy Proposes Wind Turbines on Guam" Marc Cruz UOG Water and Environment Research Institute
23 Sep "The post World War II observations of climate in Micronesia: sea level rise, temperature increases and drying in the east" Mark Lander UOG Water and Environment Research Institute
30 Sep "My ratio fight has moved to fish and biochemistry: Stop using anatomical ratios and portion of total expressions" Tim Righetti UOG College of Natural and Applied Sciences
7 Oct "Modeling N and Se in groundwater" Ryan Bailey Colorado State University
14 Oct "Phylogenetics and the Evolutionary Biology of Reef-Building Corals" Alexander Kerr UOG Marine Lab
21 Oct "Fish Community Diversity in the Caroline Islands, Micronesia" Steve Linfield University of Western Australia
28 Oct "Diving in the Bonin Islands, Tonga and Toku" Tim Rock Tim Rock Underwater Photojournalism
9 Nov "Quantifying Losses and Gains in Ecological Functions Associated with Proposed Dredging and Mitigation Activities in Apra Harbor" John McManus University of Miami
18 Nov "God is in the Rice: The Cultural, Economic and Environmental Story of Rice Cultivation in Bali" Kirk Johnson UOG College of Arts and Social Sciences
22 Nov
1300 h
"Thesis defense: Niche dynamics of the omnivorous butterflyfish, Chaetodon auriga" Kirstie Goodman-Rendall UOGML McIlwain Lab
28 Nov
1330 h
"Thesis defense: Characterization of White Syndrome affecting Porites spp." Paula Lozada UOGML Raymundo Lab
9 Dec "The history of Guam's aquifer" Vivianna Bendixon UOG WERI
16 Dec "Guam's Roaring Nitrogen Cycle: Nitrate supply, uptake, and stable isotope fractionation in Tumon Bay" Ernie Matson UOG Marine Lab




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