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Maria Celia (Machel) D. Malay

Research Associate

B.S., Biology, University of the Philippines, Diliman
M.S. program in Marine Science, University of the Philippines, Diliman (ABT)
Ph.D., Zoology, University of Florida

Research Interests

For all the talk about coral reefs being “rainforests of the sea”, remarkably little is known about exactly how many species live on reefs, or why reefs are so diverse, or why some areas harbor more diversity than others. My interests lie in figuring out what lives on reefs, and the engines of diversification that drive the evolution of reef-associated organisms. Small Pacific islands and the Coral Triangle biodiversity hotspot are enduring interests of mine – why are they so diverse, where do the biogeographic boundaries lie, what special ecological traits promote rapid speciation, and what new species remain to be discovered? I am also interested in connections between biodiversity, ethnobiology, and resource management and conservation, because biodiversity hotspots also tend to be areas with high cultural diversity and are also the most threatened by human encroachments.

In my research, I link modern molecular genetic tools with classical taxonomy. I’m also a strong believer in spending as much time in the field as one possibly can, as this is the best way to really get to know a group and an ecosystem. Taxonomically speaking, I’ve a special place in my heart for crustaceans – I’ve worked extensively on hermit crabs and coral-dwelling barnacles. But I’m interested in the evolution and natural history of any and all tropical marine invertebrates. They are all cool and fascinating to me.

Recent Publications

Bowen, BW, K Shanker, N Yasuda, MCD Malay, S von der Heyden, G Paulay, LA Rocha, KA Selkoe, PH Barber, ST Williams, HA Lessios, ED Crandall, G Bernardi, CP Meyer, KE Carpenter, RJ Toonen. Phylogeography Unplugged: Comparative geographic surveys in the genomic era. Bulletin of Marine Science, in review.

Malay, MCD, T Komai, and TY Chan. 2012. A new cryptic species in the “Calcinus anani Poupin & McLaughlin, 1998” species complex (Decapoda: Anomura: Diogenidae): evidence from coloration and molecular genetics. Zootaxa 3367: 165-175.

Malay, MCD and G Paulay. 2010. Peripatric speciation drives diversification and distributional patterns of reef hermit crabs (Decapoda: Diogenidae: Calcinus). Evolution 64(3): 634-662.

Poupin, J and MCD Malay. 2009. Identification of a Ciliopagurus strigatus (Herbst, 1804) species-complex, with description of a new Ciliopagurus from French Polynesia (Decapoda, Anomura, Diogenidae). Zoosystema 31(2): 209-232.

Sandin, SA, JE Smith, EE DeMartini, EA Dinsdale, SD Donner, AM Friedlander, T Konotchick, M Malay, JE Maragos, D Obura, O Pantos, G Paulay, M Richie, F Rohwer, RE Schroeder, S Walsh, JBC Jackson, N Knowlton, and E Sala. 2008. Baselines and degradation of coral reefs in the northern Line Islands. PLoS ONE 3(2): e1548.

Juinio-Meñez, MA, HGP Bangi, and MCD Malay. 2008. Effect of type of feed, stocking density and grow-out site on gonad yield, growth and survivorship of cultured sea urchin. Philippine Agricultural Scientist 91(4): 439-449.

Juinio-Meñez, MA, HGP Bangi, MCD Malay, and D Pastor. 2008. Enhancing the Recovery of Depleted Tripneustes gratilla Stocks Through Grow-out Culture and Restocking. Reviews in Fisheries Science 16(1-3): 35-43.

Juinio-Meñez, MA, MCD Malay, and HGP Bangi. 2001. Sea Urchin Grow-Out Culture. Coastal Resources management Tools. Enhancing Community Participation in Fishery Resources Management Project, The Marine Science Institute, University of the Philippines.

Malay, MCD, MA Juino-Meñez, and C Villanoy. 2000. Population genetic structure of the sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla from selected sites in western Luzon and eastern Philippines. Proceedings of the 9th International Coral Reef Symposium 1:107-111.


Dr. Maria Celia (Machel) D. Malay
Marine Laboratoy
University of Guam
Mangilao GU 96923 USA

Marine Laboratory, Room 124

Tel: 1 671 735 2175
Fax: 1 671 734 6767

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