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Marine Lab

View of the lab from upper campus The UOG Marine Laboratory, established as a research unit of UOG in 1970, plays an important role in both national and regional marine research. Members of the Marine Laboratory faculty enhance their research activities through individual collaboration with colleagues from other U.S. and foreign institutions and by opening the facilities to visitors from around the world.

The primary mission of the Marine Laboratory faculty is basic and applied research on the biology of tropical marine organisms, with emphasis on the conservation and development of marine resources of the near-shore waters of Guam and Micronesia. Graduate and undergraduate students play an important role in these research activities. Community service is promoted through the activities of a Marine Extension Agent, the research faculty, and graduate students.


The Marine Laboratory is administered by a director that is selected from the faculty and serves on a three-year rotational basis. There are 14 full-time employees at the Marine Laboratory: eight 12-month, full-time faculty, a laboratory manager, three clerical staff, and two marine technicians. Two faculty members of the College of Arts and Sciences, a marine microbiologist and a behavioral geneticist, are closely affiliated with the Laboratory as well. Several postdoctoral research associates, supported by federal grants, also work with the faculty.


Looking northeast at the Marine Lab Looking northeast at the main building housing faculty offices, classroom and administrative offices.
Frankie's new sign The new Marine Lab sign designed and built by Barry Smith (with critical oversight by our former tech Frankie Cushing)
The view looking south Looking south from the Marine Lab along the east coast on a blustery November day.
The view looking northeast at the bluff and jungle. The view looking northeast at the bluff and jungle.


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