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Masters theses

137. LOZADA, P. 2011. Characterization of White Syndrome (WS) affecting Porites spp. in Guam and the effect of colony morphology on disease dynamics. [Thesis Advisor: L. Raymundo].

136. GOODMAN-RENDALL, K. 2011. Niche dynamics of the omnivorous butterflyfish, Chaetodon auriga, on the reef flats of Guam, Mariana Islands, and Ningaloo Marine Park, Western Australia. [Thesis Advisor: J. McIlwain].

135. CURE, K. 2011. The Ecology of Lionfish in their Native Environment. [Thesis Advisor: J. McIlwain].

134. Miller, R. 2011. Partial characterization of growth anomalies affecting massive Porites corals on Guam. [Thesis Advisor: L. Raymundo].

133. Kautz, C. 2011. Cytochrome P4501A as a Biomarker of Marine Environmental Contamination in the Scribbled Rabbitfish (Siganus spinus). [Thesis Advisor: J. Biggs].

132. WHITFIELD, S. 2011. Diffusion growth chambers for the isolation of novel sponge-associated bacteria. [Thesis Advisor: P. Schupp].

131. Priest, S. 2010. Connectivity of Siganus spinus populations across the western Pacific. [Thesis Advisor: J. McIlwain].

130. ABELLENA, S. 2010. Post-settlement growth and spatial differences in the diet of Naso unicornis and Naso lituratus recruits around Guam. [Thesis Advisor: J. McIlwain].

129. KIM, S. W. 2010. Molecular phylogenetics of the tropical sea cucumbers Bohadschia (Holothuriidae: Aspidochirotida). [Thesis Advisor: A. Kerr].

128. MARSHELL, A. 2010. Population dynamics of two species of Naso with an emphasis on movement patterns, population estimates and distribution and abundance. [Thesis Advisor: J. McIlwain].

127. CABALLES, C. 2009. The role of chemical signals on the feeding behavior of crown-of-thorns seastar Acanthaster planci (Linnaeus, 1758). [Thesis Advisor: P. Schupp].

126. CHOP, K. 2009. Lek-like behavior of the parrotfish Chlorurus sordidus (Labridae: Scarinae), on a resident spawning aggregation site at Guam, Mariana Islands. [Thesis Advisor: T. Donaldson].

125. TAYLOR, B. 2008. The effects of protected area management on the population biology and reproduction of Lethrinus harak from the inshore waters of Guam. [Thesis Advisor: J. McIlwain].

124. CHAU, L. 2008. Will Symbiodinium Populations in Pocillopora verrucosa Change with Temperature? [Thesis Advisor: C. Lobban].

123. MYERS, N. 2008. Fish assemblages of soft-coral communities. [Thesis Advisor: J. McIlwain].

122. TOMASETTI, R.J. 2007. Global biogeography of marine algae. 99 pages. [Thesis Advisor: T. Schils].

121. GOLDMAN, L. 2007. Effects of interspecific interactions on the growth and morphology of cultured Acropora pulchra and Porites cylindrica. 75 pages. [Thesis Advisor: L.J.H. Raymundo].

120. TAKASE, C.  2005.  The toxic effect of two different herbicides, Irgarol 1051 and Roundup (Glyphosphate) on Leptastrea purpurea (scleractinian coral) planulae.  71 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  P.J. Schupp].

119. GUTIERREZ, J.T.  2005.  The effectiveness of a marine reserve on the density and diversity of reef fishes in Guam.  61 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  T.J. Donaldson].

118. RONGO, T.  2005.  Coral community change along a sediment gradient in Fouha Bay, Guam.  73 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  R.H. Richmond].

117. MENDIOLA, W.J.C.  2004.  The effect of the oil dispersant, Corexit 9527, on reproduction of the spawning coral, Acropora surcuosa, and on larval settlement and metamorphosis of the brooding coral, Pocillopora damicornis. 40 pages. [Thesis Advisor:  R.H. Richmond].

116. PALMER, A.E.  2003.  Seasonality of macroalgae and benthic cyanobacteria on reef flats of Guam.  45 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  V.J. Paul].

115. KELLY, W.C., III.  2004.  Environmental factors mediating juvenile settlement behavior in the vermetid gastropods from Guam.  45 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  T.J. Donaldson].

114. SEIDEL, R.A.  2003.  The role of limb autotomy in the territorial behavior of the freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium lar (Palaemonidae).  30 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  T.J. Donaldson].

113. CHANG, R.  2002.  Migration of demersal plankton at Double Reef, Guam, in relation to lunar phase and substrate.  28 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  S.S. Amesbury]

112. BONITO, V.  2002.  Tanguisson reef:  Changes in coral community structure driven by Acanthaster planci predation?  56 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  R.H. Richmond]

111. SHJEDSTAD, S.  2002.  Settlement and metamorphosis preferences of larvae of the corallivorous nudibranch Phestilla minor.  47 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  V.J. Paul].

110. RITSON-WILLIAMS, R.  2002.  The chemical ecology of aposematic coloration in phyllidiid nudibranchs (Gastropoda: Phyllidiidae).  53 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  V.J. Paul]. 

109. VICTOR, S.  2002.  The effect of copper on fertilization, larval development, settlement, and metamorphosis of the reef coral Acropora surculosa.  56 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  R.H. Richmond]

108. BELLIVEAU, S.A.  2001.  Effects of herbivory and nutrients on the early colonization of crustose coralline and fleshy algae.  43 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  V.J. Paul]

107. STARMER, J.A.  2000.  Studies on the chemical ecology and reproductive biology of Sarcophyton trocheliophorum Von Marenzeller (Octocorallia: Alcyonacea) on Guam, Mariana Islands.  53 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  V.J. Paul] 

106. PANGILINAN, R.F.  2000.  Effects of light and nutrients on intraspecific secondary metabolite variation in the benthic cyanobacterium Lyngbya majuscula.  29 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  V.J. Paul] 

105. PESHUT, P.J.  2000.  Diversity of the tropical marine benthos:  Bivalves of coral reef and near-reef habitats.  49 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  G. Paulay] 

104. BIGGS, J.S.  2000.  The role of secondary metabolite complexity in the red alga Laurencia palisada as a defense against diverse consumers.  57 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  V.J. Paul] 

103. KIRKENDALE, L.  2000.  The Patelloida profunda group:  Phylogenetics, biogeography, morphology and molecular evolution of a widespread, closely-related group of limpets (Gastropoda: Lottiidae).  58 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  G. Paulay]

102. LEOTA, S.T.  2000.  Effect of a pesticide (chlorpyrifos; organophosphate) on larval recruitment of Goniastrea retiformis (Cnidaria: Scleractinia).  37 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  R.H. Richmond] 

101. HOUK, P.  1999.  Coral community structure changes in response to development activities and natural bleaching: Iwayama Bay, Republic of Palau.  41 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  C. Birkeland]

100. DANIELS, E.A.  1999.  Chemical imprinting of Amphiprion chrysopterus embryos and Amphiprion melanopus juveniles by host anemones.  29 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  S.S. Amesbury] 

99. GAITHER, M.  1999.  The planular symbiosis of Pocillopora damicornis.  46 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  R. Rowan] 

98. GINSBURG, D.  1998.  Chemical defenses in the sea hare Aplysia parvula and its host alga Portieria hornemannii and their effects on predation.  60 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  V.J. Paul] 

97. WARD, L.A.  1998.  Octopus brachiotomus, sp. nov. (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae), a new shallow-water, arm-autotomizing octopus from Guam; arm autotomy in Octopus brachiotomus from Guam.  60 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  G. Paulay] 

96. PERSSELIN, S.L.  1998.  The evolution of shell windows within the Fraginae (Bivalvia: Cardiidae) and the origin of algal symbiosis in cardiids.  49 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  G. Paulay] 

95. LEBERER, C.J.  1997.  Factors affecting the abundance and distribution of atyid shrimps in two tropical insular rivers.  30 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  S.G. Nelson] 

94. CAMACHO, F.A.  1997.  Size-specific predation by the prawn Macrobrachium lar on the freshwater snail Thiara granifera.  21 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  S.G. Nelson] 

93. CONCEPCION, G.B.  1997.  Effects of a dam and reservoir on distributions and densities of tropical stream macrofauna.  31 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  S.G. Nelson] 

92. PANGELINAN, A.A.  1997.  Demography and life history of the orangeblack Hawaiian damselfly (Megalagrion xanthomelas) (Selys-Longchamp, 1876) on Oahu, Hawaii.  44 pages.  [Thesis Advisor: G. Paulay] 

91. CHIRICHETTI, P.  1996.  Otolith increment analyses in the rabbitfish Siganus spinus:  Validation of daily increment deposition and patterns of larval and otolith growth.  26 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  S.S. Amesbury]

90. BAUMAN, S.  1996.  Diversity and decline of land snails on Rota: Mariana Islands.  97 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  G. Paulay] 

89. GOLBUU, Y.  1996.  Substratum preferences in coral planula larvae.  38 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  R.H. Richmond] 

88. PARHAM, J.E.  1995.  Habitat use by a tropical oceanic island streamfish assemblage.  54 pages. [Thesis Advisor:  S.G. Nelson]

87. PUGLISI, M.P.  1995.  Intraspecific variation in secondary metabolite production for the red alga Portieria hornemannii:  A test of the carbon/nutrient balance hypothesis.  112 pages.  [Thesis Advisor: V.J. Paul] 

86. COLLINS, J.M.  1995.  Occurrence and fate of fecal pollution indicator bacteria in sediments of Tumon Bay, Guam.  75 pages.  [Thesis Advisor: E.A. Matson] 

85. DAYTON, C.  1995.  Genetic evolution among unicornfishes of the genus Naso (Acanthuridae) from the western Pacific Ocean.  38 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  K. Lofdahl]

84. PITLIK, T.J.  1994.  Effects of toughness, calcite level, and secondary chemistry in articulated coralline algae (Rhodophyta, Cryptonemiales) on grazing by the parrotfish Scarus sordidus Forsskål. 32 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  V.J. Paul] 

83. MARTINEZ, P.C.  1994.  Effect of diet on growth and larval development of the sea cucumber Holothuria nobilis.  46 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  R.H. Richmond]

82. KERR, A.M.  1994.  Effects of disturbance on holothuroid (Echinodermata) community structure. 58 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  C.E. Birkeland]

81. RIVERA, F.E.  1994.  The effects of altered salinity on settlement and metamorphosis of coral planula larvae.  33 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  R.H. Richmond]

80. KERR, J.Q.  1994.  Animal-plant defense association:  The soft coral Sinularia sp. (Cnidaria, Alcyonacea) protects algae from herbivory.  64 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  V.J. Paul] 

79. NORRIS, D.R.  1994.  Associations between three irregular urchins and cone-and-funnel topography in a tropical soft-bottom community.  32 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  C. Birkeland]

78. TE, F.T.  1993.  The effect of Dursban® insecticide on Pocillopora damicornus (Cnidaria: Scleractinia).  36 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  R.H. Richmond] 

77. QUENGA, A.S.E.  1993. Nitrogen fixation across a Guam reef flat estuary.  27 pages.  [Thesis Advisor: E.A. Matson] 

76. DAVIDSON, B.S.  1993.  Variation in the secondary metabolites of the sponge Dysidea cf. avara. 51 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  V.J. Paul] 

75. LOCK, S.A.  1992.  Factors influencing first feeding by larval rabbitfish, Siganus randalli.  34 pages. [Thesis Advisor:  S.G. Nelson] 

74. COLLINS, L.A.  1992.  The effects of temperature on oxygen consumption, growth, and development of embryos and yolk-sac larvae of Siganus randalli Woodland (Pisces: Siganidae).  44 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  S.G. Nelson]

73. SONODA, K.  1992.  Effects of stony coral extracts on feeding by Acanthaster planci (Linnaeus, 1758).  24 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  V.J. Paul]

72. SCHUPP, P.J.  1992.  Calcification in marine algae as a defense against herbivorous fishes.  30 pages. [Thesis Advisor:  V.J. Paul]

71. EASTLICK, P. 1991.  Production and deposition rates of stromatolites on the Asmafines River in southern Guam.  117 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  L. Raulerson]

70. MEYER, K.  1991.  Intraspecific variation in the concentration of secondary metabolites in four species of green algae and its effects on feeding by herbivorous fishes.  47 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  V.J. Paul] 

69. HOPPER, D.R.  1990.  Reproductive biology of Actinopyga mauritiana (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea) on Guam.  42 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  R.H. Richmond]

68. ROGERS, S.D.  1989.  Feeding preferences and chemical defenses of three Glossodoris nudibranchs and their diet sponges.  49 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  V.J. Paul]

67. SANGER, H.R.  1989.  Assimilation of epiphytized and nonepiphytized blades of the seagrass Halodule uninervis by the herbivorous rabbitfish Siganus argenteus (Quoy & Gaimard).  21 pages. [Thesis Advisor:  S.G. Nelson] 

66. WYLIE, C.R.  1988.  Chemical defenses in three species of Sinularia (Coelenterata, Alcyonacea): Effects against the predator Chaetodon unimaculatus.  38 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  V.J. Paul]

65. CHANDRAN, R.  1987.  The distribution and abundances of holothurians in Saipan lagoon, Mariana Islands.  37 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  R.H. Richmond]

64. ELLIS-NEILL, L.  1987.  Distributional and production dynamics of benthic invertebrates in a tropical stream on Guam.  51 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  L. Raulerson]

63. EDWARD, A.E.  1986.  Diet and assimilation efficiency of the surgeonfish Acanthurus lineatus (Pisces: Acanthuridae) on Guam.  20 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  S.G. Nelson]

62. WILKINS, S.DeC.  1986.  Effects of post-harvest holding conditions on the quality of agar extracted from two species of Gracilaria (Rhodophyta) from Guam.  29 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  S.G. Nelson] 

61. GATES, P.D.  1986.  Browsing patterns of herbivorous fishes in a Halodule uninervis seagrass bed of a Pacific island coral reef (Guam, Micronesia).  40 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  C. Birkeland] 

60. POTTER, T.S.  1986.  Effects of different habitats on morphological variation within natural population of three reported species of Dictyota (Phaeophyta).  33 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  R.T. Tsuda] 

59. DAVIS, G.W.  1985.  Reproductive patterns of three economically important surgeonfish species on Guam.  44 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  S.S. Amesbury]

58. NEILL, J.B.  1985.  Burrow defense in the sea urchin Echinometra mathaei (Blainville) on an Indo-West Pacific reef flat.  45 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  D.M. Nafus] 

57. SHERWOOD, T.S.  1985.  Effects of nitrogen excretion by the damselfish, Dascyllus aruanus, on the growth of Acropora aspera. 25 pages. [Thesis Advisor: S.G. Nelson] 

56. BOWDEN-KIRBY, A.  1984.  The freshwater red algae (Rhodophyta) of Guam, Palau, and Truk: A biogeographical account.  45 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  L. Raulerson] 

55. HILLMANN-KITALONG, A.  1984.  Two-year study of temporal variation in zooplankton communities in an inner region of Apra Harbor, Guam.  58 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  C. Birkeland] 

54. NEUBAUER, C.P.  1983.  The effects of land clearing on a small watershed in southern Guam.  55 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  L. Raulerson] 

53. MYERS, R.F.  1983.  The comparative ecology of the shallow-water species of Canthigaster (family Tetraodontidae) of Guam.  57 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  S.S. Amesbury] 

52. MOLINA, M.E.  1983.  Seasonal and annual variation of coral-reef fishes on the upper reef slope at Guam.  96 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  S.S. Amesbury]

51. GRIMM, G.R.  1983.  Genetic variation in Macrobrachium lar on Guam.  41 pages.  [Thesis Advisor: L. Raulerson]

50. PENDLETON, D.E.  1983.  Potential impact of a proposed stack gas sulfur scrubber on Gracilaria arcuata (Rhodophyta).  36 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  J.A. Marsh, Jr.] 

49. PLUCER-ROSARIO, G.  1983.  Effect of substrate and light on growth and distribution of Terpios, an encrusting sponge which kills corals.  39 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  C. Birkeland]

48. JAMES, S.  1982.  Photosynthesis and respiration of two species of red algae, Gracilaria arcuata and Gracilaria edulis from Guam.  17 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  S.G. Nelson] 

47. ROMEO, C.J.  1982.  Taxonomic use of phycobiliprotein electrophoretic banding patterns from the Rhodophyta of Guam.  22 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  D.B. Matlock] 

46. KATNIK, S.E.  1982.  Effects of fishing pressure on the reef flat fisheries of Guam.  62 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  S.S. Amesbury] 

45. COLGAN, M.W.  1981.  Long-term recovery processes of a coral reef community after a catastrophic disturbance.  69 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  C. Birkeland]

44. DONALDSON, T.J.  1981.  Agonistic behavior of the freshwater prawn Macrobrachium lar in relation to size and sex.  30 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  S.G. Nelson]

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41. BRALEY, R.D.  1981.  Reproductive periodicity in the indigenous oyster Saccostrea cucullata in Sasa Bay, Apra Harbor, Guam, with reference to cultivation.  44 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  S.G. Nelson] 

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36. ZOLAN, W.J.  1980.  Periphytic diatom assemblages on a windward fringing reef flat in Guam.  86 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  J.A. Marsh, Jr.] 

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1. BRANCH, J.B.  1969.  Observations on the ecology and behavior of Guam pearlfishes (Carapidae).  250 pages.  [Thesis Advisor:  R.S. Jones] 



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