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Multimedia presentations

Copies are available free to educational institutions.

Coastal Atlas Guam Coastal Atlas
Burdick, D. R. 2005.
The CD-ROM version of the on-line Guam Coastal Atlas also provides benthic habitat maps and geospatial data for the nearshore waters of Guam. This product is intended to help managers, researchers, educators, and the general public to best understand and manage Guam's coastal resources.
Mariana reefs Coral Reefs of the Mariana Islands: An Educational Exploration
Anspacher, G., G. Paulay, G. W. Davis and R. Richmond. 2001.
This double CD-ROM includes the second edition of an educational exploration of the coral reefs of the Mariana Islands, Micronesia, as well as Jean-Michel Cousteau's Cities Under the Sea: Coral Reefs, the first volume in the Cousteau's World Series. Explore virtual coral reefs with these multimedia presentations. When ordering, be sure and ask for the booklet that accompanies Cities Under the Sea. Packaged with QuickTime 4 required for play; compatible with Mac OSX and Windows 98/2000/ME/NT/XP.
Coral Reefs Coral Reefs: Their Health, Our Wealth
Richmond, R. H., G. W. Davis, F. E. Rivera and L. Mariano. 1997.
This 24-minute VHS-formatted video discusses what coral reefs are, how they work, and the growing concern for their health and survival. If you've ever wondered what corals are, how they grow and reproduce, the types of problems caused by human activities, and what can be done to protect these precious resources, this video provides the answers. Now available as a CD.
Fish Biology Biology of Coral Reef Fishes
Rivera, F., S. S. Amesbury and M. Hamilton. 1994.
A 45-minute VHS-formatted video about the reproduction, behavior and ecology of fishes from coral reefs. Filmed entirely around Guam and the other islands of the Marianas Archipelago. Now available as a CD.



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