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Online Resources

The UOG Marine Laboratory seeks to make available in electronic form via the worldwide web information and databases of use to the public and the scientific community.

tidechart Dec 2005 Tide charts
The monthly tide predictions and lunar data for Guam are provided as a public service of the Marine Laboratory. Prepared by Barry Smith with funding from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.
Coastal Atlas Guam Coastal Atlas
The Guam Coastal Atlas provides benthic habitat maps and geospatial data for the nearshore waters of Guam. This product is intended to help managers, researchers, educators, and the general public to best understand and manage Guam's coastal resources.
guamreeflife Guam's Reef Life
This site is dedicated to promoting awareness of Guam's marine biodiversity through free access to hundreds of images of reef life from Guam's nearshore waters, to information about the health of Guam's coral reefs, information about current reef conservation efforts, and ways you can help.
Systema Aspidochioritida Systema Aspidochirotidae
This site compiles information on the diversity of coral-reef holothuroids (sea cucumbers) as part of a U.S. National Science Foundation funded effort to document the world's biodiversity. Contains species descriptions, bibliographies, image galleries, a directory to scientists specializing in holothuroid biology and links to other holothuroid-related sites.



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